Session 2: Bio Session @ Seminar Room 3 (SR3) – 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM 

Session Chairs: Dr. Guang CHEN & Dr. Mandar Godge 

  1. Zhexian Zhang, Thuy Tram Dang and Birgitte Lane. Design of High-Throughput Drug Screening Assay for Genetic Skin Fragility Disease
  2. Zheng Chen Choo and Alessandra Mortellaro. Study of Cytokine release from Macrophages and Myeloid Dendritic Cells in response to Lipopolysaccharide stimulation
  3. Liu Wanrui and Yeoh Clarice. Effect of Chemotheraphy on miRNA Expression in a Gastric Cancer Cell-Line
  4. Leonard Goh, Glenn Ang and Sandra Tan. Investigation of the Effect of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Stevia Robustness
  5. Changxin Joy Wong, Hui Hian Jane Yap and Gwyneth Joy Lim. Mechanism study of SUMOylation in repressing retroviruses in embryonic stem cells
  6. Soon Chuan Yeow, Bin De Shawn Lim, Wei Chiang Jerome Teng, Nur Shahid B Moksin and Rosliyana Bte Rosli. Treatment Performance of Bioretention Swale
  7. Jean Yap. Leisure Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
  8. Yu Han Quek and Robert Simpson. A high throughput methodology for measuring crystallisation activation energies of composition spread thin films
  9. Aishwarya Bandla, Yu-Hang Liu, Nitish Thakor and Lun-De Liao. Dynamic Neurovascular Changes during rtPA Thrombolysis in a Photothrombotic Ischemia Rat Model (Contact Authors for the Paper)