Session 5:  Haze challenge & Others Session @ Seminar Room 1 (SR1) 4.00 PM to 5.30 PM

Session Chair: Dr. Aldy Gunawan

  1. Sida Yang. Proposal for solving the haze problem
  2. Kingston Kuan Jun Xiang, Khine Phyo Yar and Tae Gyu Ahn. Haze detection and characterisation by light scattering
  3. Vignesh Raman, Aashay Chouhan, Nafisa Ahmed, Sandhya Gopakumar and Kanksha Chawla. A water-spray geoengineering system for haze control
  4. Yi Fan Liu. Haze in Southeast Asia
  5. Nitya Anthony and Yew Soon Ong. Development of a Novel Intelligent Social Game Design Learning Platform-‘Gamewiz’
  6. Naida Cicelly Tania and Aurora Chan Wing Dan. Solving Water Pollution in Nepal