Session 6:  Education Session @ Seminar Room 3 (SR3) 4.00 PM to 5.30 PM

Session Chair: Prof. Maode MA

  1. Shuo Cao. Fall Detection System Using Arduino Fio
  2. Kai Lun Ho, Teo Hao Ying Derrick and Wang Shao Dian. Physics of Shuttlecocks
  3. Rong Su, Huaqun Guo and Wang Ling Goh. SENSOR DATA MONITOR SOFTWARE IN ANDROID
  4. Zhicheng Cai, Huaqun Guo and Wang Ling Goh. Secure Location Tracking System
  5. Melodies Ming Hui Sim and Siyang Qu. Generalisation of Bishop Polynomial Derived from Conventional Rook Polynomial