IRC-SET Registration

For the conference registration, you may choose to join the International Researchers Club (IRC) as a new IRC member at $90 for student and A*STAR staff, or $120 for non-A*STAR staff by 6 May 2015, and then you will enjoy the benefit of IRC facilities and attend the IRC-SET conference as free of charge.

IRC Vision

Creation of a vibrant and innovative researcher community for Singapore.

IRC Mission

  • To contribute to society with the technical specialities and occupational experiences of our members
  • To foster networking and social interactions of IRC members with the local community
  • To organize educational, cultural, recreational and welfare programs for the benefit of members and their families

Benefits of Member

  • Network with researchers in various areas.
  • Singapore Zoo ~ 2 corporate cards. Each corporate card entitles for 4 admissions including member (1 member + 3 guests) for free.
  • Singapore Flyer ~ 3 Membership Cards. Each card entitles two persons to one complimentary Singapore Flight each per day for free.
  • Science Centre ~ 4 authorisation letters. Each authorisation letter entitles for 5 admission including member (1 member + 4 guests) for free.
  • Every member can book the above facilities per three months, based on first come first service.
  • Free admission to Gym & Wellness Centre, Sauna, and Swimming Pool (1 member + 3 guests for swimming pool) at NTU Alumni Club @ one-north (
  • Corporate Rate from SingTel and StarHub

Or you may choose to register for IRC-SET 2015 conference only. The full registration of at least one author is mandatory for the publication of your paper (in the case of authors with multiple papers accepted, one full registration is enough for up to two papers) by 6 May 2015.

Please refer to the attached files for the IRC Membership Application Form and the IRC-SET 2015 Conference Registration Form.