Programme at a Glance


Detail Programme

Session 1: ITSS @ Room 1 (10:00 AM – 1:00 PM)

Session Chairs: Dr. Jianping CHEN / Dr. Eyasu Getahun CHEKOLE

  1. Selina Peh, Zi Wei Lim and Teng Wah Ang. Wideband Sinuous Antenna Design.
  2. Pooja and Dr. Madhuri Kumari. Nanotechnology for remediation of water environment.
  3. Marvyn Chia, Lim Donggeon and Clarissa Koh. Detection and Removal of Obstructions in Still Images Utilising Machine Learning.
  4. Zhenning Yu, Wenbo Fu and Ethan John Lim. Synthesis of Magnetic Chitosan Hydrogel from crab shells as an Environmentally-friendly Adsorbent for Water Purification.
  5. Jiecong Tan and Xinyan Liao. Electrochemical Treatment of an Effluent with Azo Dyes and Heavy Metals Using a Graphene-Coated Electrode.
  6. Ananya Nallapuraju, Prannaya Gupta and Chen Rui Ye. Analysing Gait Patterns of Parkinsons’ Disease patients to predict Freezing of Gait (FoG) using Machine Learning Algorithms.
  7. Sanyukta Arunkumar and Eunice Tan Ee Wei. Gait Monitoring and Analysis for Parkinson Disease Patients.
  8. Balakrishnan Naveen Mani Kumar, Mothiki Eswara Anirudh, Dhanabalan Jeevakaarthik, Clayton Miller and Filip Biljecki. Vertical Thermal Imaging Analysis of a High-Rise Building in Singapore.
  9. Joon Kew Cheng and Tan Qi Xuan. Investigating the Application of the Separation Capabilities of a Zirconium MOF b-oriented MFI Zeolite Membrane.

Session 2: BTS @ Room 2 (10:00 AM – 1:00 PM):

Session Chairs: Dr. Claus MUSCHALIK / Dr. Yongqing ZHU

  1. Si Han Ng, Reuben Ong and Chenhao Zhou. Traffic Strategy for Mixed Traffic in Container Terminals.
  2. Sean Lim, Karis Yuen, Ryan Thesman and Loo Nin Teow. AI-Driven Data Analytics.
  3. Albert Ji and Yang Thee Quek. Detection and classification system for rail surface defects based on deep learning.
  4. Cheng Zhi Ying. Development of a First-aid Smart Assistant Device using IoT Technology and Augmented Reality.
  5. See Min Lim, Kai Ting Ho and Yuanfei Li. Spectral Analysis of Public Transport Networks.
  6. Jiok Duan Jadie Tan and Jia Cheng Raymand Tey. IoT-Enabled Smart Window With Environmental Sensors.
  7. Ng Xin Ru, Maekayla Lee Yen-C, Wang Xinyue and Aung Aung Phyo Wai. EEG-Based Evaluation of the Effect of Emotion on Relaxation Management.
  8. Yuting Wang, Yixuan Wang, Portia Foo and Aung Aung Phyo Wai. EEG-based Evaluation of Classifying Attention States between Single and Dual Tasks.
  9. Xiaoxuan Jin and Wai Yee Lee. Personalized Guided Perceptual Learning: a proof of concept.

Session 3: WIE @ Room 3 (10:00 AM – 1:00 PM):

Session Chairs: Dr. Shilpa MANANDHAR / Dr. Noori KIM

  1. Shriniket Subramanian, Aravind Narayanan and Kane Ng. Enhanced Real-Time Raw sEMG Signal Classification Through Bypass Of Manual Feature Engineering & Extraction.
  2. Gregory Tan, Souw Chuan Neo and Bingquan Shen. Self-supervised Learning With Deep Neural Networks for Computer Vision.
  3. Kamya Johar, Aryan Rajput, Ramneek Kalra and Dr. Nithyavathy N.. An Edge-based Dustbin for Smart Compacting and Segregating.
  4. Jiayi Li, Chyn Lynn Kate Lai and Yunyin Xie. Determination of Trace Levels of Iron in Spinacia Oleracea Using Microcontroller Based Photometer.
  5. Alysa Lee. Cross Lingual Information Retrieval.
  6. Aravind Narayanan, Shriniket Subramanian and Kane Ng. Transforming & Solving Multi-Channel Time Series Classification Problem using Image Classification Techniques.
  7. Lee Ching Hua and Tan Chien Hao. Topology and Geometry of 3-Band Models.
  8. Daniel Jing En Toh, Matthew Rui Xian Kan and Keegan Kang. Applying James Stein Estimation to b-Bit Minwise Hashing.
  9. Hakkeem Nasira and Pugalendhi Vanathi. Mining next-generation sequencing data to identify anti-nociceptive signalling pathways.

Session 4: Biomedical Sciences @ Room 1 (2:30 PM – 4:00 PM):

Session Chairs: Dr. Rong LI / Dr. Umayal LAKSHMANAN

  1. Roy Quah. Epigenetic modification of fruitless in the protocerebrum influences male Drosophila courtship behaviour.
  2. Beverly Y. T. Low, Charmaine S. M. Lee, Jia Ying Tay, Grace L. X. Tan, Chun Ping Liu and Poh San Lai. Investigating the Genetic Etiology of Disease in a Patient with Aplastic Anemia.
  3. Sheryl Tay, Rachel Lu, Kah Yee Goh and Darren Lim. Elucidating the role of MAMDC2 in head and neck squamous cancer.
  4. Medha Shridharan. Development and Optimisation of a Rapid Paper-based test for the Detection of IL-6.
  5. Choo Jun An Jerry, Weihan Hou and Wei Shuen Ng. Predicting in vivo Drug-Drug Interactions between Rivaroxaban and Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors arising from Mechanism-Based Inactivation of Cytochrome P450 3A4.

Session 5: Physical Engineering @ Room 2 (2:30 Pm – 4:00 PM):

Session Chairs: Dr. Anna PATEROVA / Dr. Andrew Keong NG

  2. Xiaoqing Sun. The physics of a bead rolling on a rotating hoop – a problem in nonlinear dynamics.
  3. Kera Yong, Jia Hao Tan and Jovan Zhan Rui Mak. Design of Underground Structures to Mitigate Effects of Soil Liquefaction.
  4. Rachel Chan, Li Heng Wong and Harishiga Ilangovan. Alternative to Chromatography: Purification of Therapeutic Proteins/Peptides by Continuous Crystallization in Millifluidics.
  5. Anjela Kalita, Niharika Keswani, Touseef Mintoo, Prakhar Duggal and R.K. Tomar. Design and Application of Concrete bricks using Phase Change Materials.

Session 6: Chemical Engineering @ Room 3 (2:30 PM – 4:00 PM):

Session Chairs: Dr. Zaiqun YU / Dr. Yvonne CHOW

  1. Jeen Liang Low, Kinsey Yiu Yi Hin and Wei An Tan. Electrochemical Enhancement of Activated Carbon Fibre for the Treatment of Solvent Contaminated Pharmaceutical Effluents.
  2. Shermane Aw, Kristie Ramli and Kristie Ramli. Catalytic Water Treatment.
  3. Peng Zikang, Ng Yan Bin Lucas and Eun Chin Sze Gerald. Synthesis of Magnetically-Responsive Photocatalytic CuBTC Metal-Organic-Frameworks (MOFs) for Degradation of Organic Textile Pollutants.
  4. Lucas Koh, Tze Zhuan Yeo and Yan Zhong Tan. Synthesis and modification of Zn-Al LDH for the adsorption of cationic dyes, anionic dyes and phosphates.
  5. Mahendran Ravindran, Lim Herng Rwei Ethan, Ming Jie Kuan and Seok Hwee Sandra Tan. Antimicrobial, Antioxidant, Toxicity and Phytochemical screening of Dieffenbachia camilla and the synthesis of a novel and green topical delivery method for it.

Session 7: Mechanical Engineering and Robotics @ Room 1 (4:00 PM – 5:30 PM):

Session Chairs: Dr. Victor WANG / Dr. Rong LI

  1. Rahul Pandit, Prakhar Duggal and Ravinder Kumar Tomar. STUDY OF VARIATION IN ALCCOFINE ON CONCRETE STRENGTH.
  2. Yimin Huang and Andrew Prahl. Linguistic Indicators of Success in Aviation Emergencies: A Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) Investigation.
  3. Shuhuai Yu. Low-Reynolds-number airfoil shape optimization using genetic algorithm with mode parameterization
  4. Xie Jinghan, Sim Joylynn, Grace Tan Li Xuan, Liu Chun Ping and Lai Poh San. Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Evaluation of New Emerging Methods for Carrier Screening and Diagnosis.
  5. Kertin Siaw and Ee-K Leow. Investigating the effects of herbs on reducing symptoms associated with schizophrenia in the model organism Caenorhabditis elegans.

Session 8: IoT and Computer Engineering @ Room 2 (4:00 PM – 5:30 PM):

Session Chairs: Dr. Hla Nu Phyu / Mr. Peng LIU

  1. Jeremy Kai Ming Leong, Raymond Chi Man Ching, Yongqing Zhu and Paul Horng Jyh Wu. An Eldercare Control System in IoT Cloud Environment.
  2. Yin Leng Angelina Wong and En Kai Ethan Kuai. Investigating the Effectiveness of Non-pharmaceutical Interventions on COVID-19.
  3. Lukang Guo, Jiquan Gao and Linxuan Feng. The Study of Epidemic Model in the Context of Singapore.
  4. Adele Lim and Yu Zong Chen. AI Panorama Art of Proteins with Image Blending Deep Learning. 
  5. Can Hu and Zilin Tao. Object Motion Detection.

Session 9: Life Sciences @ Room 3 (4:00 PM – 5:30 PM):

Session Chairs: Dr. Kasthurirengan SAMPATH / Dr. Pramila GHODE

  1. Bernard Kwee, Li Yihan and Quak Yiting. A Study in Factors Affecting the Production and Properties of Biocellulose produced by Acetobacter Xylinum.
  2. Trivikram Mohan, Omkar Mahadevan and Kean Seng Tang. Heterologous Expression of a Mangrove K+ Transporter, AoHKT1 increases salt tolerance of Arabidopsis thaliana. 
  3. Clarissa Ng and Jing Rong Yu. Investigating the Public’s Experiences and Knowledge of Communicating with People with Dementia. 
  4. Jie Ying Lee, Jung Ee Chin and Miaomiao Li. Decitabine as a latency perturbing agent in Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) positive Natural Killer/T cell Lymphoma (NKTL).
  5. Justin Ng Teng Loong, Yeo Rong Quan and Alina Wee Xiao Qian. From phenotypes to endotypes: Deciphering the immune signatures associated with atopic dermatitis (AD).