Programme at a Glance


Full Technical Sessions

Session 1: ITSS @ Room 1 (10:00 AM – 12:00 PM)

Session Chairs: Dr. Jianping CHEN / Dr. Eyasu Getahun CHEKOLE

  1. Samuel Chan. Analysis of public transport accessibility of different areas in Singapore
  2. Zeyu Cui and Xinrui Shi. Modelling of Taxi Drivers’ Decision Making and Its Application on Optimising Changi Airport Taxi Management System
  3. Maegan Jing Ting Kho, Nicole Xue Min Yong and Aung Aung Phyo Wai. Evaluation of Calibration Paradigms to Improve Wearable EEG-based Attention Recognition
  4. Yueyang Liu, Jingxiang Yang and Samuel Shi Jie Then. The Wilberforce Pendulum Revisited – Origins and Relationships Between Elastic Constants and the Validity of Linear Coupling
  5. Eungi Hong and Mirdhini Shri Rajaram. Identification of Mosquito Larvae in Drains using Deep Learning
  6. Camilla Zheng, Genevieve Mah and Ruchir Srivastava. Automatic Detection of Age-Related Macular Degeneration from Optical Coherence Tomography Images

Session 2: BTS @ Room 2 (10:00 AM – 12:00 PM)

Session Chairs: Dr. Claus MUSCHALIK / Dr. Yongqing ZHU

  1. Zhuzhen Zhuo, Mabel You and Xinqi Peng. Maritime Monitoring via Low-Earth Orbit Satellite Constellation
  2. Gareth Chua, Joel Au and Tse Tong Chia. Design of cost-effective metasurface for efficient broadband polarisation conversion
  3. Zoe Lee. Image Geolocation from Alternative Cues
  4. Nyx A. A. Iskandar. Manga Layout Analysis via Deep Learning
  5. Evan Hong Jun Lim. Adversarial Attacks Against Detecting Bot Generated Text
  6. Arav Cabral. Jensen-Shannon Divergence of Quantum Hashing Algorithms based on Quantum Walk

Session 3: WIE @ Room 3 (10:00 AM – 12:00 PM)

Session Chairs: Dr. Shilpa MANANDHAR / Dr. Noori KIM

  1. Chuanhua Liu, Darius Koi Yik Tham, Keshav Peri and T. H. New. Vortex-ring interaction with lattice-based wall
  2. Peiran Qiu and Yao Yao. Automated Categorization of Mathematics Questions
  3. Yu Hao Lim, Yeow Kwang Roland Tai and Chan Umai. Measurement of electromagnetic emissions from smart devices within Faraday’s Box
  4. Juncheng Huang, Xinnan Jiang and Yi Fei Xia. Deceiving Traffic Sign Recognition with Physical One-Pixel Attacks
  5. Chuping. Mu, Joshua Cheong Hong and Jovern Teo. Modelling Singapore’s Covid-19 pandemic using SEIRQV and hybrid epidemiological models
  6. Lavani Samantray and Chenghao Ding. Hanging A Painting
  7. Travis Tan Yong Han, Xin Xiang Lee, Ethan Leo Kee Kiat, Stacey Tay Kiat Hong, Chun Ping Liu, Grace Tan Li Xuan and Poh San Lai. Reducing the Diagnostic Odyssey for patients with Neuromuscular Disorders (NMDs)

Session 4: Biomedical Sciences @ Room 1 (1:00 PM – 2:40 PM)

Session Chair: Dr. Rong LI

  1. Solomon Lim, Solomon Lim and Solomon Lim. Synthesis of a Hyper-Porous Fluorinated Covalent Organic Framework with Customisable Sites
  2. Aayush Arya, Joseph M. J. Poon and Thorsten Wohland. Determining Effects of Urea on the Structure of Dengue Virus Serotype 2 Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy
  3. Olivier Hao Yu Lim, Gedeon Kusuma Ang, Aklen Wee Kai Chua and Ai Fern Lye. Potential for Biodiesel Production and Growth Rates of 4 Microalgae Strains in 3 Commonly-Used Algae Growth Media
  4. Sze Chie Tan, Jing Si Loy and Parvathy Varma. Characterisation of Cellular Uptake of Red Blood Cell Extracellular Vesicles (RBCEVs)
  5. Trevor Chen, Joe Ang and Wu Dechun. Extracting Cellulose From Commonly Consumed And Wasted Asian Vegetables

Session 5: Computer Science @ Room 2 (1:00 Pm – 2:40 PM)

Session Chair: Dr. Weizhi MENG 

  2. Hoo Rae En and Kerine Sim Yee Teng. Effectiveness of Videos and Infographics in Education of Lower Back Pain
  3. Chen Rui Ye, Karin Li and Yuen Siang Ang. Association of Genetic Risk for Rheumatoid Arthritis with Psychological and Cognitive Well-being
  4. Nikhita Komati Reddy, Mei Xi Chia and Yew Keong Wong. Crowd-Clustering Detection and Dispersion Robot
  5. Matthew Chan, Faith Goh, Charmaine Lee, Caitlin Mok and Bryan Ng. Mobile Computer Vision for Scout Teams

Session 6: Chemical Engineering @ Room 3 (1:00 PM – 2:40 PM)

Session Chair: Dr. Yvonne CHOW

  1. Colin Chow, Khan Mohamed Mohamed Dhasil and Justin Au. Cost-free Structural Elucidation of Ctriporin in Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS) and Dodecylphosphocholine (DPC) Micelles
  2. Hengyue Wang, Kieran Majel Mendoza, Xing Yang Shen and Bernard Ricardo. Investigating Factors Affecting Upstream Contamination
  3. Sean Lim and Harini Manivannan. A Comparative Study on the Characteristics of the Inflow Path of Fine Dust and the Trend of Climate Change in Korea and Singapore Using Satellite Data
  4. Anmol Kumar, Shubham Kumar and Annu Kumari. Carbon Monoxide Concentration in Atmosphere – A Review
  5. Jinxia Pan, Jemimah Lee and Reuben Cheong. Development of a 3D-Printable Hydrogel-based Antimicrobial Film

Session 7: Life Sciences @ Room 1 (2:45 PM – 4:25 PM)

Session Chair: Dr. Umayal LAKSHMANAN

  1. Analysis of chemical transport by iPSC-derived Proximal Tubular Cell (PTC)-like cells and other emerging human kidney cell models for drug toxicity screening
  2. Avanthika Sivakumar and Xiaoman Luo. Calcium Phosphate/Collagen Ratio in Bone Grafts Influences Bone Repair in a Rabbit Femoral Condyle Defect Model
  3. Jiayue Zou, Sheetal Parakh and Yen Wah Tong. Heterotrophic cultivation of microalgae in food waste digestate for simultaneous biomass production and nutrient remediation
  4. Joel Yap, Evan Poh, Aloysius Khoo, Sandra Tan and Aung Phyo Wai Aung. EEG-based assessment of the influence of music-induced emotions on cognitive task performance
  5. Daven Wong, Rishii Parthasarathy and Sujan Palepu. Engineering ticks and mosquitos’ salivary peptides into potent and uncleavable thrombin inhibitor

Session 8: Computer Engineering @ Room 2 (2:45 PM – 4:25 PM)

Session Chair: Dr. Purnima Murali MOHAN

  1. Ren Rui Tan, Simon Eng, Kiam Cheng How, Yongqing Zhu and Paul Horng Jyh Wu. Honeypot for Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence
  2. Mario Tanijaya and Chan Lye Lee. Crossing Number of Join Product of Some Graphs
  3. Timothy Low and Shen Bingquan. Self-Supervised Learning for 3D CT Scan Segmentation
  4. Yi Lin Zhao and Guoxian Tan. Automatic detection of Vaccination and Covid-19 falsehoods in social media
  5. Anurag Kumar Gupta, Nidhi Kumari and Mr. Shubham Kumar. A Survey on Load Balancing in Cloud Computing

Session 9: General Engineering @ Room 3 (2:45 PM – 4:25 PM)

Session Chairs: Dr. Victor WANG / Prof. Maode MA

  1. Sean Lim, Harini Manivannan, Karis Yuen and Nileshkumar Dubey. Sustainable Nano-fibrous Scaffold for Dental Tissue Engineering
  2. Jordan Low Jun Yi, Ethan Kuai En Kai, Raghuveer Singh and Aung Phyo Wai Aung. Virtual Arm with Multimodal Biased feedback for Improving EEG Motor Imagery Calibration Training
  3. Xinxuan Hou and Yuzhe Jiang. Investigating effects of concentration, angle, diameter and impact velocity of soap film and soap droplet on trajectory of droplet
  4. Anhe Xin. Using IMU to Determine Velocity of Falling Object and Hence Develop Framework to Optimize Parachute Size for Fallling UAV
  5. Janessa Guo, Patrick Francis and Guoxian Tan. D-Pen – Personalised Practice with Assistive Pen for Young Dyslexic Learners using Machine Learning