Session 1: ITSS Session @ Seminar Room 1 (SR1) – 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM

Session Chair: Prof. Qing ZHANG

  1. Qing Zhang.  Flexible Electronic Devices
  2. Bernadin Ng, Amy Ho and Sherill Goh. Automated Shuttle-run Detection Application
  3. Yujia Wang and Jiajia Chen. New Design Algorithm for Low Complexity Programmable Shifters by Integer Partition
  4. Weijia Ma, Shermaine Chew and Siwen Pan. Electric Car Deciphering
  5. Chengcheng Lin and Maode Ma. An Enhanced 3-way Handshake Scheme for Mesh-based Neighborhood Area Networks in Smart Grid Systems
  6. Tianhe Shen and Maode Ma. An Enhanced 4-way Handshake for the Neighborhood Area Networks in Smart Grid Systems
  7. Cher Ying Foo, Jia Hern Lee, Kingston Kuan Jun Xiang, Sharon Tan Hwee Ling, Hiong Yap Gan, Lin Hui Koh and Clarence Tan Wei Liang. 3D-Printable All-Terrain Biomimetic Platform
  8. Yi Chang Loh. Cloud Detection and Monitoring